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Blue : Week 36
Your Spelling Words
Latin Roots (bene, mal) and Prefixes (ante-, post-)
benefit malfunction antebellum
postpone beneficial malevolent
dismal ante meridian benefactor
anterior post meridian malaria
malice benediction postmortem
postscript posterior malefactor
malicious benevolent maladroit
postbellum malcontent antedate
Spelling Menu
Each evening, choose an activity to complete. Turn in all of your assignments on Friday.
5 Times Each

Write 15 of your spelling words 5 times each.

Consonants and Vowels

Write 15 of words using colored pencils. Write the consonants in red and the vowels in blue.

Spelling Sentences

Write a sentence for 10 of the words from your spelling list. Be sure to underline them in your sentence.

Puzzle Maker

Go to and create a word search or criss-cross puzzle using all of your words. Print it out, solve it, and turn it in.

Word Mosaic

Create a tag cloud using all of your spelling words. Visit to make the cloud. When you are done, click "Menu" and print it out. You can also click "Save" and email it to me.

Concept Sort

Sort your words based on this week's spelling pattern. Write them on a piece of lined paper and turn it in.